Smart TV Dongle Or The TV Box

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In these smart times, everyone has to be smart and should smart choices also when you want to decide according to the advancement of any technology. When it comes to your TV the thing which makes the comfortable time for you and your family. As you have two main practical choices when it comes to transforming the average television to new Smart TV, as you can use the TV box or a Tv Dongle.  These days, HD streaming media players have entered the period of organization and knowledge. Practically all new HD streaming media players can be associated with the Internet and furnished with smart working frameworks (for the most part Android-based and extended Customized). So here we are going to discuss the TV dongle and TV box.


The first and most clear distinction is in size and mass. An HDMI or USB TV dongle is a lot more modest and lighter than its container partner, which can be a significant benefit for those that need to carry their brilliant TV with them any place they go. The Android TV dongle is hence the reasonable decision, assuming that portability is your need. The principal clear contrast between a TV box and a TV dongle is size. A TV dongle is a lot more modest and lighter than a TV box; The minimal size is a significant benefit of this situation – while a TV box, however not large, is bulkier and heavier.

Processor Speed

The main thing you should acknowledge when choosing between the Tv Dongle or box. This is the place where the Android TV dongle and the box are pretty much on equivalent balance. The speed of the processor for the two models will run between 1 GHz to 1.6 GHz by and large, with your financial plan being the main genuine requirement in this issue. Essentially, look at the name to observe a container or dongle with processor speeds that will suit your motivations.

Internal Memory

The internal memory of any device is very critical it can give a very good time or can ruin your ease. The TV box has significantly more actual space for extended hard plate drives, though this isn’t consistently the situation. The normal TV streaming dongle has around 8 to 16 gigabytes of capacity, while some Android TV boxes have HDD docks where you can embed plate drives up to 1 terabyte or more. On the off chance that you intend to introduce a lot of films, shows, or games on your Android TV PC arrangement, then, at that point, getting a case could be the most reasonable decision.

DVR Capabilities

Some TV box models have space for extended information stockpiling as well as permit you to record shows as you wish. These advanced video recording abilities need a touch more equipment that is excessively huge for the normal Android TV dongle. To record recordings on your Android gadget, then, at that point, a case is your most ideal decision. Simply ensure that it has DVR capacities in advance.


Here Android TV dongles and boxes are to some degree adjusted, with boxes taking just a slight lead after dongles. The two gadgets are commonly equipped for associating with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB, and HDMI ports. Boxes will more often than not have this multitude of choices bunched in, however, numerous better-quality dongles likewise support many (on the off chance that not all) areas of availability or connection.

Price Point

As a rule, the normal Android TV dongle costs under a container. This distinction, in any case, depends to a great extent on the specs and more parts that accompany the bundle. A dongle that has a quad-center CPU and accompanies a specific Android TV remote with an implicit console and air-mouse pointer will cost more than a no-frills box arrangement.

So, TV Dongle OR TV Box?

After all of these points, when it comes to decisions it comes down to your priorities and likeness. As you can see both have a critical contrast in execution and usefulness, everything comes down to convenience. Assuming you are searching for a minimized gadget to move around, a TV dongle is an ideal decision. Assuming that you will put the gadget close to your TV and leave it there – you should profit from a total arrangement of highlights of a TV box.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of TV Box Or TV Dongle

We have entered the digital age, as cable TV is famous for giving way to streaming sites and the other ultimate service is that allows us to make use of the internet to watch our shows and movies. So here we get the TV box which is a smart device where we are going to check the advantages and disadvantages of the TV box or the TV dongle.


  • Watch Unlimited Free movies
  • You stream Netflix on an older TV rather than buying a new one
  • You can get plenty of different choices
  • Browse the internet on your Tv
  • With the help of a tv box or tv dongle you can get a lot of different channels
  • It makes your Tv quite similar to the android Tv
  • It is much more affordable than buying a new smart Tv


  • Android Tv boxes generally work slower
  • It is not free it cost you some amount
  • The firmware updates aren’t always updated

Here Are Some FAQs Regarding TV Box Or TV Dongle

So here are some important frequently asked questions regarding Tv box or Tv dongle. These are followed,

What does a dongle do for a TV?

As indicated over, a dongle is a little gadget, regularly not a lot bigger than a blaze drive, but rather they arrive in an assortment of shapes and styles. This gadget is connected to a TV (through USB or HDMI) and permits it to get to the web. This essentially permits your TV to become WIFI viable. It is this web access that will permit your TV to communicate with an assortment of real-time features from Hulu to Netflix and then some, regardless of whether your TV never approached the web beforehand. This minuscule apparatus has all that it needs, from capacity to WIFI.

Which is better, a TV box or smart TV?

All things considered, there is one benefit of shrewd TVs over Android TV. Shrewd TVs are generally simpler to explore and use than Android TVs. You must know about the Android biological system to completely exploit the Android TV stage. Then, savvy TVs are likewise quicker in execution, which is its silver lining.

Can you use a dongle on an Android TV box?

No, you cannot use both at a time as the Android TV gadget is either a set-top box or dongle which connects to your TV. You can utilize the case to watch on-request video applications, video locales, and organization TV shows.

What things can a smart TV do that a regular TV cannot do?

A smart tv is much more than a regular tv as the smart TV can stream video on your demand like of your choice, you can play music, browse, and much more this might incorporate getting to your most loved applications, perusing web-based media, or getting sports refreshes. As a rule, a customary TV doesn’t have any handling power, and that implies it can’t interface with the web.

Does a smart TV need Wi-Fi?

Yes, you need the internet connection or WIFI with your smart Tv to use all smart aspects like browsing, utilizing apps, listening to your favorite music, etc. Otherwise, your smart Tv works fine without WIFI, but you cannot get access to the smart features which are unlocked by the WIFI connection, without the internet it’s just a regular tv.

Summing Up

As summed up this topic where we have seemed some smart devices like the TV box or the TV dongle, as the tv dongle is a streamlined version of the TV both have the same function like they are similar to each other. But the expansion and overall performance are better on Tv box, but the tv dongle is small in size and has low power consumption and it does not affect the appearance. So, they are both quite the same and the choice depends on your preferences.

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